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01 January 2022 by
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I took a break from writing articles for a few months. In fact, I wouldn’t call it a break, it was just regrouping my energy.


I got sucked into writing my book on the happiness questionnaire, and as I needed all my strength for it, I didn’t set aside time for the blog. Starting school and private teaching in September made the situation even more complicated. By that time I had already finished the harder part of creation, or so I felt, and I was surprised that editing required this much time and attention.


Once I read that writing is one of the most mentally demanding jobs, and only the conductor has a more difficult task. As they say, I put in everything, exceeding my own limits. It’s being edited at the moment, only the finishing touches are left to be done. I haven’t decided how to publish it yet. However, what is certain is that at first it will come out only in Hungarian, as eventually the original idea of a bilingual e-book evolved into a ‘proper’ book.


But how is it possible to write a book while having two jobs and two kids?


  • With great perseverance and concentration.


  • In addition to this, the first and most important step of writing a book, just like of achieving any goals, is to create a plan.


  • You need a long-term goal with a deadline.


  • Of course, achieving smaller daily objectives is also essential, it fills me with joy and immense pride. Without minor steps it’s impossible to get anywhere, and their planning is also an indispensable element.



I often refer to mountain climbing, and it’s indeed really similar to it. It’s hard and slow, and at the same time such an elevating feeling to achieve what I wanted, when after a long process the big work is ready, my newest child, which was created by me as a result of a difficult birth.


My primary goal was to gather an easily usable knowledge that would help people live a happier life based on the experiences of others, and support animal protection from the income. Both are motivating and help to get over any fears about how successful it will be and if readers will like it or not. Since I intend to be of service to others, if I make just one person’s life better, it has already been worth it.


If you also have a goal, I suggest you start its planning and then its realization as soon as possible. Believe me, it’s worth it. I wish you perseverance!





(The Hungarian translation is available on


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