10 things that make you happy at home

28 March 2021

Life sometimes deals us cards that will unfortunately limit our freedom for a while and we can do nothing about it at that moment. But we still have an opportunity to do something.


Does acceptance make you happy?

10 January 2021

I have been working on processing my Happiness questionnaire for a while, and up until now I have quite often met the word ‘acceptance’ among the answers


21 reasons why it is good to have a cat

03 January 2021

There was a time when I didn’t understand either what’s so good about these little fur balls, because I didn’t know


Does money make people happy?

19 July 2020

Some people stick to the idea that money doesn’t make them happy and the point is the inner peace, nothing else is needed.


What does happiness mean for you?

12 July 2020

I really think happiness can be learnt. We have all met people, who were always satisfied and had a basic inner calmness in them.


Do what you were born for

01 June 2020

Sometimes you have to make a choice in your life about what to do for a living.


If you are fine on the inside

26 January 2020

I always felt the need to move somewhere in the past. I was not sure we lived in the best place, as many friends of mine moved abroad at that time in the hope of a better living.


Will we become happier if we have a dog?

22 December 2019

Happiness means different things for all of us. It can be the family, the money, or helping somebody in need.


Why Is Self-Confidence Needed For Happiness?

27 August 2019

Happiness is something which you can find in yourself, you should not expect it from something or somebody else.


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