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Cukri and jealousy

24 November 2019 by
Dogs and jealousy Dogs and jealousy
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There are two types of dogs with low self-confidence. One of them escapes with its tail between its legs and is frightened of everything and the other one attacks when smelling fear. Cukri belonged to the latter.

We had constant problems at the housing estate earlier too, as he always wanted to have a fight with other dogs compensating his small body size. He had some friends of course, he wasn`t totally antisocial, and he also had my brother`s dog Bubu. He always wanted to attack cars as well, because as I mentioned earlier, before the adoption he had been hit by one and had been taken to the shelter after that. Once he pulled the leash out of my father`s hand and attacked a car. Fortunately he only had some smaller bruises, but then he bit my dad when he wanted to take him to the sidewalk from the street.


When my relationship at that time reached a higher level and we moved to a common home, it was obvious that my beloved doggy would come with us too. At the beginning everything went smoothly. He had a good time in the huge garden, he had company too, as working together with the dog shelter we temporarily fostered dogs and in addition we ran a small bird rescue centre too. Of course he always kept his position in the pack, even the male German shepherd was afraid to eat until His Excellency Cukri was well-fed from the giant dog`s plate as well occasionally. It entertained me, but not so much the others. To think back, in my opinion Cukri ruled over me as well, but I thought it was too late to train a spoiled pet, I had already ruined that, and of course I simply loved my dog the way he was.


After moving, the next turning point for my doggy was the growth of the family, when my son was born, then my daughter. To sum up, Cukri`s autocratic position wavered. Two adults, the children, loads of saved birds, temporarily fostered other animals, and a dog, who had been in the focus until then, and technically didn`t listen to anybody. Now I know that I shouldn`t have let him maintain such an advantageous position in the pack. And I think I just console myself when I don`t use the pack leader expression. 18 years later I believe it would have been better for him as well, for he would have been able to avoid loads of conflicts he got himself involved in occasionally.


For example one day at Christmas after we decorated the Christmas tree, my dog just simply occupied it all for himself. Basically he didn`t let my three-year old son eat chocolate under the tree. `These are all mine.` -he growled. And on another day at dawn I heard a monstrous noise when I woke up. I went to the living room and I saw my ex-husband trying to chase my dog out from the bottom of the sofa, while Cukri was growling and barking. `What are you doing with the poor dog?` - I shouted. `He bit me and didn`t let me sit on the sofa to watch telly.`-he said.


Now I know that we have to pay bigger attention on training dogs especially when they are in a family, and it is a mistake to spoil them and also children, and we mustn`t let their fear turn into aggression by any chance. Cukri wasn`t like this all the time, but he felt constant stress because of his anxiety and jealousy. The reason of jealousy is the low self-confidence, and as dogs are our mirrors, owners should check their confidence level too, and face their fear.



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